Hotel Wodnik - Łeba

The regulation of the Wodnik Hotel in Łeba

We truly appreciate your the co-operation in following the present hotel regulations for ensuring the convenience, peace and safety of your stay in the Wodnik Hotel in Łeba.

  1. The single agreed period of accommodation lasts full day and night.
  2. Check-in and check-out time:
    • Summer holidays: 15.06. - 31.08. 18:00-11:00 the next day
    • Other: 01.09. - 14.06. 14:00-11:00 the next day.
  3. If a Hotel guest did not specify the exact length of the stay, it is assumed that it lasts full day and night.
  4. To extent your stay please confirm it at the reception desk till 10.00 on the last day of the stay.
  5. The extension of your stay is subject to the Hotel’s accommodation availability.
  6. The confirmation of the booking requires advanced payments in the amount of the 40% of the total booking fees in the form of transfer, credit card payment or cash payment made until the booking confirmation deadline.
  7. The lack of advanced payment in the due date automatically cancels the booking.
  8. If a guest does not arrive or arrives later, the Hotel does not refund the costs of the lost services.
  9. If a guest arrives 1 day later (until 15.00) than it was fixed, their room may be offered to other guests.
  10. No refunds are made for the services not used by guests during their stay.
  11. In exceptional cases the Hotel agrees to refund 50% costs of the services not used by guests (separate regulations applying in exceptional situations available at the reception desk).
  12. The Hotel provides services according to its category and standard. All comments and complaints concerning the service can be reported at the reception desk to help us to take the necessary steps immediately.
  13. The Hotel’s obligation is to provide:
    • Conditions for comfortable and undisturbed stay of guests
    • Safe and confidential accommodation
    • Professional and well-mannered personnel
    • Cleaning of rooms and making necessary repairs during guests’ absence or with guests’ permission during their presence
    • Alternative room (if available) or other method of alleviating inconveniencies if the faults of a room could not been fixed.
  14. Upon request the Hotel provides the following services free of charge:
    • Information concerning the stay and travel
    • Wake-up call,
    • Storing money and valuables during the stay in the Hotel
    • Storing the luggage of the guests registered in the Hotel.
  15. The Hotel holds liability for loss or damage of property brought by its guests within the confines of art. 846-849 of the Civic Code unless otherwise fixed.
  16. A guest should report the damage at the reception desk immediately after it was noticed.
  17. The Hotel does not hold liability for loss or damage of money, securities, valuables and other property of scientific or artistic value unless they are stored in the Hotel’s deposit boxes.
  18. The Hotel does not hold liability for loss or damage of a car/other vehicle belonging to a guest.
  19. A hotel guest holds financial liability for damage of the Hotel’s furnishing and equipment caused by themselves or their visitors.
  20. Every time a Hotel guest leaves the room, they should check if the door are locked and leave the key at the reception desk.
  21. A Hotel guest cannot share the room with third parties even if the booking time has not finished yet.
  22. Persons unregistered in the Hotel may visit Hotel guests between 7.00-22.00.
  23. We obey night silence from 22:00 until 7:00.
  24. Fire protection regulations do not allow using heaters, irons and other similar devices which are not a part of the Hotel’s equipment.
  25. The Hotel is allowed to refuse to accept a guest who breached the present regulations during their last stay by damaging equipment/furnishing or harming other guests, staff, any other visitors or disturbing peace and quiet of the Hotel.

Personal belongings left by a Hotel guest will be sent at a given address. If the address is unknown the Hotel stores things for 3 months.